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leavers ball [12 May 2002|12:48pm]
oh my god.
it was wicked. everyone looked FANTASTIC!!! no exceptions. my jaw was hitting the floor. all the girls looked stunning, all the boys looked YUM! del and george were at kts b4 the ball and they said nice things! the band and the dj were so good, and i did karoke with anna c and k-lee (shame). we did u sexy thing by hot chocolate - yeah baby! afterward we wnt 2 chris mcarthy's party which was bollocks (didnt like loads of the people) but then i started drinkin, spking 2 kt masson, hangin round with the bpoys and then i had a good time. surprises of the night - anna c pulling david, annaj pulling sidney. but well done girlies! got 2 sleep at 4, woke up at 6.30 - knackered.
mwah mwah
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quiz thing [03 May 2002|06:30am]
[ mood | happy ]

7 things i'm afraid of:

1. losing people I love
2. helplessness
3. hate
4. spiders
5. daddy long legs
6. scary films (yup even the lame ones)
7. people being unhappy

7 things that make me laugh:

1. alistair mcgowan (is that how u spell it?)
2. funny friends!
3. people stacking it
4. when people get stressed and go all red
5. hardcore garage
6. people trying to crowdsurf and falling straight thru!
7. being blonde

7 things that make me cry:

1. when my friends are sad
2. arguing with people
3. sad films
4. horrible news stories
5. stress and hormones!
6. lonliness
7. laughing too much

7 things I love:

1. all of my friends
2. all of my family
3. good music (i.e. not comercial crap with no talent)
4. gigs
5. smiles
6. candles
7. the sky

7 things I don't understand:

1. prejudice
2. boys
3. russian
4. maths
5. fake people
6. corkscrews (impossible)
7. people who enjoy playing hockey

7 things on my desk:

1. a candle
2. letters
3. wobbly bloke
4. jewellery
5. paint brushes
6. revision cards
7. pills (legal i promise!)

7 facts about me:

1. im tired
2. i cant wait til the summer
3. i need 2 go shopping
4. i have no money
5. im blonde
6. im going 2 thailand in december!
7. im grateful 4 what i've got

7 things to do before I die:

1. travel the world
2. have atidy bedroom
3. do a MASSIVE painting
4. do lame kareoke in front of 3 million people
5. be growing old with my best friends
6. grow a purple afro
7. grow old disgracefully

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music [24 Apr 2002|07:47pm]
at the mo i'm listening 2 slushy love songs - bit of mariah, the odd one of whitney, and a smoothie from usher! but music depends what mood i'm in. if it's really summery and bbq's r on, then i like jazz and reggae. if i'm in a sad mood then indie - like stereophonics or coldplay. if i'm so upset that i'm angry then its gotta be a bit of deftones or nirvana while i chuck stuff about my room. hyper = pop. thoughtful = jimi hendrix. party mood = hip hop. chilling = RnB.

In concert i have seen:
sixpence none the richer - did the theme to she's all that, which was not really like the rest of their stuff. it was quite rocky and cool but didn't make a huge impact.

wyclef jean - oh my god. soooooo good. really FUN. got the crowd going. i went with some really great people, we danced on stage abnd i pinched his bum!!! (it had 2 b done.) was on a complete high afterwards!

usher - fun, but in a massive stadium wheras at wyclef we were a metre away. wicked dancer.

india arie - all i can say is buy her album. she is absolutly fantastic.
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friends cont. [24 Apr 2002|07:47pm]
anna c - my gorgeous dancer friend. known since yr 7. i think she's quite like me, same opinions etc. we both love shopping, and similar taste in men! she's goin out with richard who is delish and above all, a v. nice bloke. she knows me VERY well, it makes me laugh when we can tell what the other is thinking!

george - so very talented. always been a girls girl (not a bad thing!). its great to have a good guy friend to confide in. my close friends rnt bitchy, but a lot of girls are. thats prob sexist but hey. neyways, i think he knows a lot about me, not facts, but stuff he's sussed out. v. good taste in music!

emma f - 3 yrs ago i wouldve described her as shy, but now....no chance! a great laugh, major fun, beautiful.

jenny - soo funny, and kind. i wish she had more confidence in how fantastic she is. brilliant impressions.

katie - talented, fun, happy, confident. has a v. funky room full of her paintings and fairy lights.

jo - fun and philosphical. fab wardrobe. short but full of style!

there are lots of other friends who have magical effects on my life. You know the ones who don't confide in all that much, but you could if you needed 2. the ones who brighten up your day just by hugging, or kissing, or smiling - holly, josie, anja, emma, michael emmett, tom, josh, sidney etc etc etc
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friends [22 Apr 2002|05:22pm]
[ mood | okay ]

i have come 2 the conclusion that no1 reads this - so i can write what i like.

Friends who are fab and have made my life good (in no particular order).

Del - year older than me, don't really know how we met. known each other for 11 months (anniversairy soon!) but seems like 4eva. She is one of the most beautiful, talented people i know. she knows me, and I know her, and I overall I love her loads and she chills me out. Together we chill, listen 2 music, go 4 walks late at night, laugh, cry, and eat chicken.

Anna J - childhood friend, don't know what I'd do without her! she has always been there and I love her coz she tells it as it is.

damn, g2g, but will continue lata.

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hey [20 Apr 2002|07:45am]
[ mood | tired ]

this lj thing doesn't really do it 4 me. i spose it mite grow on me. its just coz if i were to have a REAL journal ten the stuf id write it it would be stuff that no1 knows, and that im not plannng on telling them. Newayz....

Last nite- went 2 anna js. chilled and made iced mochas - yum!!!!! i love anna jones. She's my childhood friend! i really like it wen u know u know a person - what u c is what u get. del popped round and drew on my face. which was nice. (btw got sum photos 4 my art project bak 2day, they're all in focus, yay! piccies of del in there as well lookin delicious.) went 2 pizza express with anna j, kt, jen, emma and imi (kt's boyf). 1st time I've met imi and he has my approval - v. nice, made an efort with us immature and hyper ladies. after went to casa (bar). alright, but bouncers must be soooo dmb 2 let me in seeing as i look 8 and it was over 21s. not really my scene tho - crap dance type music.

mite go and see queen of the damned 2nite wit del. she likes vampyres *scared look*. Sum people have spent 180 quid on a leavers ball dress. why? we're not even properly leaving! nah, if i had 180 quid then i mite spend it on a dress. but i dont. so im making part of it and skanking the other part! i really hope george comes 2 the ball. lotsa boys r wearing suits which is a VERY good thing.

can u tell how bored i was?


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'allo [06 Jan 2002|05:50pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

havn't witten in ages. i've got a dj, scared 2 use it in case someone i know tracks me down in some magical way!i havn't used my name and i havn't put in st. a as my location either, so does nebody know if u can be tracked down any infor that identifies u? it's just, the appeal of a dj 2 me would be that no1 i knew could read it and know. my parents could find it, just what i want!!! i'm the kind of person who hates to admit their feelings about some things, people etc. I mean, I'd often find it easier 2 tell a stranger a big secret that sum1 i know. coz if i fancy sum1, admiting it 2 ne1 (even myself) means possible humiliation! but, neway, i don't FANCY ne1, just a soft spot yeah?! ;)
lotsa love,
tish tash

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so much 2 tell!! [18 Dec 2001|07:12pm]
[ mood | high ]

Firstly, saturday night was the gig that del organised 4 me 2 raise money 4 thailand. it was absolutely great!! i am so proud of her. i was standing there looking at 250+ people come through the doors, and then later having a wicked time inside, just thinking...del has done this all. it was amazing. she put so much work into it for me and it turned out so well! 900 quid profit!!! i'm nearly there!

secondly, last night i went 2 c wyclef jean in concert with anna, kamal, sid, josh and del. He took my breath away. he was the most fabulous performner. as josh said earlier 2day 'anyone who wasn't there just won't understand what it was like'.will continue lata, g2g 2 rehearsal!!!

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[13 Dec 2001|08:33pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Today was really nice as I had no homework, no rehearsals, and basically no stress. george and del came round and we watched sister act 2. god i wish i could sing!! lauryn hill's voice, and all the gospel singers in it are absolutely amazing - it made me go tingly all over.
I've just made an alien costume 4 a fancy dress party i'm goin 2 2morrow nite - all silver and pvc like (not kinky though, don't worry!!).
Anyway, at the mo i'm very relaxed (or is that groggy, i have a cold).

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hi there [11 Dec 2001|06:34pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Ok, so this is my first lj entry after about three years (hmmmmm) of it being set up. I guess i should introduce myself. I'm tasha, 16 (female!), doing my GCSE's this year. I have completely diverse tastes in music, i listen 2 whatever music i'm in the mood for and I hate it when peeps tell me i change my taste in music regularly to fit in with the crowd. no! i enjoy art (doing it and seeing it), theatre, scouts (and wot?), but most importantly talking to my friends and just plain 'ol hanging out. love interest? i am a nun, and at this rate always will be. i'm living in a fantasy world and have the nack of liking blokes that will never recipricate that. but the way i look at it some1'll cum along, just gotta be patient. a b/f isn's the entire world. George set up this lj 4 me and i am grateful coz otherwise i would've neva got round 2 it!

2day was a pretty boring day, but english made my day. Our teacher (dumb blonde [no comment frm angry blondes pls, i am blonde myself!!]) when asked why she was always chewing on her pen, necklace etc told us that she had 'an oral fixation'. Obviously complete uproar frm the class followed. She sat there not understanding anything. then when we'd died down she goes "ah, i've got a really sore throat, but i have a little something for it in the office". again, complete uproar as the english office always has balding male english teachers in it, no doubt with 'a little something' tucked away!!

i'm going 2 c wyclef in concert nxt monday and i'm really excited. My friends Anna and Kamal are paying 4 my ticket, I'm sharing the price of Del's with her brother, and Sid's going too. It was supposed 2 b a surprise 4 del but josh let it slip, ah well, can't b helped. so scared something'll go wrong, like they won't let us in..... *prays*

love tasha
p.s. george wrote the nicest message in my xmas card, it's so lovely 2 b told ur valued as a friend. and so u know george, i love u 2!! (*joey voice* yeah i do!!)

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